7 Ways On How To Catch Bait For Fishing | By Fishing Verge

To catch freshwater and saltwater fishes, live bait is one of the best options to catch. However, live bait is quite expensive, and catching live bait is time taking. For fishing, it’s important to have live bait on each trip of yours. 

Luckily there are different easy methods to catch live bait. In saltwater, you can use a cast net, pinfish trap, and sabiki rigs to catch live bait. For freshwater, use a seine net, hand net, minnow trap, small hooks are best for live bait catching.

This article is all about how to catch bait for fishing? If you know how to catch minnows with a net then catching bait fish is not a big deal for you. If you don’t even know how to catch minnows, that is not a big deal too because this article came up with so many answers you were looking for. 

Before getting into anything, we need to understand some significant points. It is very important to choose an appropriate fishing rodif you want to experience perfect fishing. You should know different ways to catch fish and a lot of tricks to trap them.  Also check out the Best Surf Fishing Reels in 2022 (Buying Guide Review) by Fishing Verge.

I will be explaining 07 ways to catch baitfish in this article. Let’s see if they can assist you in your fishing experience or not. 

1.Cast Nets To Catch Bait For Fishing

Cast Nets To Catch Bait For Fishing

The very first way to catch bait for fishing is, cast nets. It is said to be the most popular and frequently used method of bait fishing. This method is used by professionals as well. This may seem very easy and fun to throw a cast net but it is way too tricky as well. Once you get to hold on to the trick of throwing a cast net, that’s it. You can get these nets at an average price as well as a high price. The price depends on the quality and the brand you have selected. This is one of the best saltwater bait fishing traps so far. 

2.Sabiki Rigs To Catch Bait For Fishing

Sabiki rigs

Moving forward to the next way to catch bait for fishing is sabiki rigs. This type of bait fishing is also very popular. You must have seen in the movies or documentaries, people use this method for fishing. You just have to add some favorite food of fish to the hook of the rig and throw it into the water. There are 90% chances that the fish will be attracted to the rig. Also Check Best Saltwater Fishing Lures and experience the amazing product reviews.

3.Minnow Traps To Catch Bait For Fishing

Minnow Traps

The third way to catch bait for fishing is the minnow trap. Again, minnow traps are a well-known method of catching fish. It is not difficult catching minnows for bait so far.

4.Pinfish Traps To Catch Bait For Fishing

Pinfish Traps

Have you ever heard about pinfish traps? Well, it is another popular way to catch bait for fishing so far. The best part of this method is, you do not have to stand on the head of the bait. You can easily set up your trap and that is it. 

5.Minnow Seine Net To Catch Bait For Fishing

Minnow Seine Net

If you are having a plane fishing on a stream, river, or such place, this is the best way to catch bait for fishing so far. One or more people can easily operate this net. These kinds of methods are also used by some professionals. 

6.Minnow Net To Catch Bait For Fishing

Minnow Net

You would not believe that a simple hand net can help you to catch bait for fishing and stuff. Yes, you heard that right. This tool of catching fish is used in lakes or rivers which are full of fish.  Also check out the Best Surf Fishing Rods for the Money

7.Small Baited Hook To Catch Bait For Fishing

bait hook

If your aim is to catch a small baitfish, you will be needing this method of bait for fishing. These little hooks can do magic with your fishing by hooking up with small fish. 

Let’s have a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about fishing

How to attract minnow?

The most important hint of attracting minnows is, you should know what their favorite place is. Minnows are usually found near the roots of the trees of the short lakes. You should better hunt them there. 

 How to catch minnows in a creek?

Minnows usually love to live in freshwater. It is not a big deal to catch them in a creek so far. All you have to do is go to the fresh running water and grab them with the help of a minnow net or any of your favorite tools.

How to catch live bait for saltwater fishing?

Shrimps are the most popular live bait saltwater fishing so far. They are edible anytime, anywhere. 

How to catch minnows in a river?

Minnows love to stay in fresh floating water. If you are trying to catch minnows in a river, you should go to that side which is floating freshwater with more pressure. 

How to use a minnow seine?

You will be needing a partner to use a minnow seine. Both ends of the net are supposed to be equal and thrown into the lake or river with a tricky way to grab the minnows. The better you throw the net the more minnows you will get. 

How to catch mullet without a net?

Little fish strips or any container can be used to catch the mullets. It is not necessary to have a net to catch the mullets. You can even catch them with your hands. 

How to catch creek chubs minnow trap?

All you need to do is, throw your creek chubs into the water and the moment minnows start attacking it, pull it upward. 

How to catch greenbacks?

There is not any specific or fixed method of catching a greenback. You can use any of your favorite and appropriate methods to catch them. You can use the hook trip to catch them. 

How to make a minnow net?

To make your own minnow net, you can use any of your old net bins and tie it with thread or copper wire. You can even use a 9 liters empty water can and make a lot of tiny holes in it and your hand-made minnow net is ready. If you need a long handle minnow net, you can expand the wire or the thread according to your required length. 

How to catch redfish?

If your target is to catch the redfish, mud minnow trap bait is the best way for this. Also check out the Best Fishing Pliers – Buyer’s Guide 2022


This article was all about different ways to catch bait for fishing so far. We have shared 7 ways to catch bait for fishing and a lot more. If you are confused about how to catch a fish, or if you are new to the fishing field. You can pick any of the given methods for your fishing. All the methods and ways are mentioned with proper research and usage.