TOP 10 Best Ice Fishing Lines for Walleye, Panfish & Others

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The essential distinction between ice fishing lines and untamed water lines is that lines made for ice fishing are by and large a lot lighter. These light lines can communicate even the subtlest chomps to your pole. Fishing line for ice fishing, very much like untamed water lines, are by and large produced using monofilament, … Read more

how big is a whale shark? What do whale sharks eat

how big is a whale shark

What is the size of a whale shark? Whale Shark is a common name for this species of shark. Rhincodon typus, Rhincodon typus, Rhincodon typus, Rhincodon typus SPECIES: FISH Carnivore diet NAME OF GROUP: SCHOOL Normal IN THE WILD, I SPENT 70 YEARS HEIGHT: 18 to 32.8 ft. WARRENTY: 20.6 TONS The whale shark (Rhincodon … Read more

Best Ocean Fishing kayaks 2022 for Beginners Under 1000

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If you love fishing you’ve probably had the experience of seeing fish rise simply past your compass. While fishing the McKenzie River in Oregon I had as of late that experience. The sun was setting and the fish were rising. So many fish, Regardless of casting my hardest, it looked like the fish knew where … Read more

Best Crappie Lures & Soft Baits 2022 for Ice Fishing In Spring

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Crappie fishing has made some amazing progress since minnows on a float being the favored strategy to get crappie. Crappie has turned into a profoundly alluring sportfish that are an impact to get on light tackle and are a decent fish to save for supper. Dark crappie and white crappie are the main two kinds … Read more

 7 Ways On How To Catch Bait For Fishing | By Fishing Verge

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To catch freshwater and saltwater fishes, live bait is one of the best options to catch. However, live bait is quite expensive, and catching live bait is time taking. For fishing, it’s important to have live bait on each trip of yours.  Luckily there are different easy methods to catch live bait. In saltwater, you … Read more